Internet Insurance Leads Are changing the Industry:

With agents now having the ability to purchase internet insurance leads it has changed the insurance industry forever. While agents will still always have the ability to generate leads offline, the internet has brought a whole new dimension to both insurance agents and consumers alike. In other words … wherever consumers migrate to insurance agents will soon follow and as of now the majority of consumers are turning to the internet to get insurance quotes.

From an insurance agent’s point of view, internet insurance leads have done two things for them. First and foremost, the ability to purchase these leads online gives them the ability to cut back on their old marketing methods. As with any emerging technology though, some insurance agents really like what the internet has done to the industry and some of the more “old shcool” agents would rather see it all disapear.

¬†Insurance agents also know that consumers are spending a lot more time reasearching and learning about insurance online. So even if the more “old school” agents do not like what the internet is doing to the industry, they still must to use it in their business because that is where most consumers are headed. In other words, to stay up to date with the industry, these agents need to use the internet whether they like it or not. Being that the internet has evolved so much for the insurance industry consumers now have the ability to shop online and receive online quotes from multiple agents. With this in mind more and more agents are coming into the picture because they must respond to these requests.

There will always be some consumers that would rather shop for their insurance offline, but the internet is greatly changing the experience for most of todays consumers. In closing, internet insurance leads are fairly new to the industry and have rapidly changed the way that both insurance agents and consumers think. To find out information on the industries top online insurance lead providers visit

At we know that online insurance leads can be a tried and true staple of a successful insurance agent’s business. They can lead to a lucrative source of income or they can be a costly drain on your budget. Which is why we have reviewed all of the major online insurance lead providers. Visit now to find out who we chose as our TopPick Providers, you can even try their leads for free!

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