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Health insurance is a kind of agreement between you and your insurance company that you need in case you get sick and need medical help. Unfortunately, usually people get interested in their health insurance only when something bad happens – only to find out that they have a 3,000 deductible or some important things you need (such as a wheelchair) are not included into the policy. Before you get a health insurance policy it’s recommended to review all of them and find the one that will give you most coverage.

Almost all health insurance policies cover emergency services and whenever you have to go to the hospital and receive the treatment the cost will be covered less the deductible specified in the policy. A basic deductible for emergency room treatment can start at $50 and it should be mentioned that insurance companies are very particular about conditions that can be considered an emergency. If you have flu it’s probably not going to be covered, unless your fever is way too high. Your health insurance is likely to cover annual check-ups, with their number specified by the policy. If you need to see your doctor more often than it’s usual you need to look for a health insurance policy that soul be more comprehensive and would provide you with more coverage. Vision services are usually covered, including one visit to the eye doctor a year, while glasses and contact lenses are not covered in most cases, especially if you have a basic health policy.

Hardware coverage is required for people wearing glasses or contact lenses. Certain diagnostic services that are considered to be reasonable by your insurance company (X-rays and other procedures intended to diagnose certain conditions). You may not qualify for coverage if the symptoms you have are not considered to be serious enough – so it’s always best to call our insurance company with this question. If you are planning to have a surgery a pre-authorization from you insurance company is required. The necessity of the surgery will be evaluated by the doctor and the request is supposed to be sent by your health care provider. This can take up to 30 days. So, in general you need to keep in mind that most insurance companies will not be paying 100% of your medical costs, and in most cases you will have to co-pay from 10 to 50% of each medical bill you get. Before you purchase a health insurance policy it’s worth thinking about how much you are ready to pay out of your pocket for the service provided, and if that amount is not too high be ready to purchase a standard or above health insurance policy with maximum coverage.

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Health insurance
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