BILL MOYERS JOURNAL | Preview: Wendell Potter pt. 1 | PBS

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25 Responses

  1. onewhocares08 says:

    i agree with you. there are so many people that post stories but then have no real facts to prove otherwise. i watched glenn becks show on here and the last segment this perosn with a college education thought they knew more. they posted info about toyota but had no web sites to reference. so i found some web sites and posted them. its real easy.

  2. OneBigAzzMistake says:

    Fox news station blows away all the other, how is it that they are terrible. Provide examples of stories they have distorted. What fear mongering? The news and reality is where the fear lies. when have they not told the truth. I am sure many others on here would like to read your list as well, considering you are all about FACTS. Thanks

  3. hadenufnow says:

    Kill the ILLEGAL HC Tax & Jail Trojan Horse Mandate Bill…..
    Kill the Bill….
    Vote em out..
    Nobody wants it..

  4. DERBYCLOWN says:

    Conservative, Very short sided & some untrue statements you have left.

  5. ConservativeHealth says:

    We as conservatives stand against the socialized government controlled vaccine program that currently exists in the United States.

    We want to privatize this institution. Americans should have the freedom to take responsibility for themselves, stop looking for hand outs, and shop the free market for a best H1N1 vaccine.

    NO to publicly funded vaccines.

  6. brunodemoura says:

    We have to spread this! It’s amazing!

  7. qualityrkc says:

    LOOK at your negative rating. They are watching this video. You have to understand these people have invested so much emotion into fighting against the dems and healthcare reform that facts no longer work on them. Its sad but as long as fox is in business the truth will continue to suffer.Everybody acknowledges that fox is a terrible news station but nobody will talk about how fox’s distortions and fear mongering has become a MAJOR issue.Somebody needs to make them tel the truth.

  8. kittenpawsbb says:

    Thanks to Michael Moore “mmflint” I found out about Wendell Potter. It’s really sad this story wasn’t played on most media news stations.

  9. rwcbanzai says:

    When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for ONE people to dissolve the political partys which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and EQUAL station to which the Laws of Nature and of Natures God ENTITLE them, a Decent Respect to the opinions of HUMANKIND requires that they should declare the CAUSES which impel them to the separation.-” from for profit DenialCare Barons!

    Single Payer or die broke!
    research HR 676

  10. kcjenner1 says:

    Believe it or not, but a Doctor turned Lawmaker (no I’m not talking about Ron Paul) has introduced a bill that would make it that those that vote for a Health Plan have to give up their’s and good with what they voted for, but I can’t remember his name right now. If you’re interested I could try to dig up the HR number and his name.

  11. ukgolft says:

    This sounds good, but until the lawmakers we VOTE into office nothing will change or get better for us! The people that we put into office should be there for the people not for themselvels! Just like SS until the lawmakers are on the same plan we the people are on nothing will change!

  12. jeangrey65 says:

    What pisses me off is how people who oppose the new healthcare program are so clueless as to the other half of the debate. The don’t want to spend any money on those in need (which is rediculas when you think of what they are actually spending on healthcare or lack there off) they don’t want socialism because it’s controlling ( clueless as to how their insurnance company ties the hands of their own doctors) and then doesn’t trust Obama (but trust those who would let them die for a bonus.)WTF?

  13. okplayer420 says:

    Not many people know who Bill Moyers is. It’s sad that real journalists are pushed aside to make room for blowhards like O’Reilly and Hannity.

  14. bonnieblue12 says:

    If everybody likes this, check out confessions by Linda Peeno here on YouTube and her part as a gatekeeper with a death panel like job for an insurance company. She admitted denying care so the patient died as result. Tragic. It is worse now, she admits.

  15. bonnieblue12 says:

    Everybody makes mistakes but that does not mean he should give up his income to a cause. He is giving time and spreading the truth. I know how it is to work for a company without ethics. It is hard to live with.

  16. mss627 says:

    Email it to as many people as you can. People are being duped. Half the idiots who show up at these “town hall meetings” are shills. Insurance companies are even sending employees. People need to wake up.

  17. copypolice says:

    How come this video has so few views?
    People need to see this. Post it on facebook or mail it to friends!

  18. copypolice says:

    Very true.

  19. TIXGUY2010 says:

    these videos need to fowarded to everyone in The United States!

  20. mss627 says:

    The media needs to point out the congressmen who are taking contributions from these health care vultures. It shouldn’t be too hard to figure out who’s getting the money and how it’s effecting their vote. I’m at the point where I’d be willing to purge the entire legislator to get some honest people in office.

  21. mss627 says:

    It doesn’t matter. These idiots have one purpose in mind: Take down Obama. If the rest of the country suffers as a result, so be it. The fact that “Fixed” News is the number one news channel in America pretty much says it all. One day people will look back at this period of history and hang their heads in shame.

  22. moodlem says:

    Now that Wendell is loaded with cash….. Now he wants to bang on the gates of heaven saying “let me in now”. If WENDELL really does care……. he would give ALL his money up to his NEW cause. Am I wrong???

  23. Longlakedreaming says:

    A public option is a must! Any health care bill without one won’t control costs enough.

  24. ruppstomp says:

    This is BASIC politics.

    Create a negative movement to blunt the actual issue.

    Republican’s/Coporatist would see Our Country burned to the ground, rather than them lose profit, or back away from such an issue.

    They’re walking a fine-line with their RACIAL politics. Deliberately inciting simple TOWN HALL folk, and FOX NEWS fanning the flames of hate directly calling our President a Racist.

    I’ve never seen this country tense.

    If Repulicans/Corporatist persist, ‘There Will Be Blood!’

  25. alfredoelhombre says:

    I agree. The problem is they don’t want to understand “why” we need reform. They are just falling in line and following the industry and don’t even know it. They just don’t get it.

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