Hilarious Insurance Cliams!!

stand-up comedian Jasper Carrot…lmao………

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  1. xvaughanx says:


  2. raizersabre says:

    no matter how many times i see or hear this, it ALWAYS makes me laugh xD

  3. MrMortgage1 says:

    jeez, if you really want to get good insurance just go to cheapest-insurance . info – simple really

  4. samsagitarias says:

    Right, going to be honest about this. Your comments are not fair. Comic R helps children in the UK aswell as Africa, and thats the key – Children, they are who they help. Children in Africa dont ask to be born into abject poverty, or to be orohaned, or for their familes crops to fail due to lack of rain because of cliamate change. If it were your child / ren dying / starving , wouldnt you hope that someone somewhere cared enough to want to help, no matter how daft the method ?

  5. RockingOn says:

    50% of Comic Reliefs money goes directy to charities in the UK

  6. tonymontana1974 says:

    Comic relief how stupid is that charity just a reason for blokes to act like dicks. Managers of companys can wear a silly nose and students can piss about bathing in a bath of baked beans and for what to send the money to africa who have had millions and millions and millions and millions from this country already through live aid etc. Im sorry but when does it stop ? we have to leave africa alone now as their problems wont end if we keep on giving them cash all the time its ridiculous.

  7. MANB91UK says:

    yeah it is haha!

  8. Vitomanz says:

    Nah its correct, dont know what you’re talking about

  9. xlbyg07 says:

    just type it in the search box…thats what i did fxxxxxg great song

  10. shithoose295 says:

    well fucking obviously donkey

  11. sacred200913 says:

    i love the insurance claims but i think that the robin reliant jokes the the best part

  12. Martine1313 says:

    Is it me or is “claims” on the title spelt wrong?

  13. gooseberry2k8 says:

    Doesn’t matter how many times he tells it. Still funny.

  14. benodge08 says:

    itv got hold of him.

  15. ZombieOfFaith says:

    he makes it fun to watch

  16. hardcoretilldie313 says:

    Lol this guy is cool! Pitty he ended up presenting Golden Balls, not really an impressive game anyway but Jasper shouldn’t have agreed to present it because it’s putting his talent to waste!

  17. boldyin says:

    yeah, hopefully with a bit of luck he will die soon

  18. ryker012 says:

    LOL Jasper Carrott is brilliant!

  19. a00493 says:


  20. Beatboxbob says:

    He’s presenting a totally un-funny game show called goldenballs.

  21. daflinde says:

    fantastic i wonder what happened to Jasper?

  22. budvar99 says:

    This is comic relief 1987 or 1988 running 10 minutes behind schedule just before “Blackadder the Cavalier years” hence the mention of Rowan “Mr Bean” Atkinson

  23. bhvictory says:

    Absolutely agree – he’s a true king of comedy – why he wastes his time doing the dreadful Golden Balls I’ll never know – it doesn’t demonstrate the talent he is clearly capable of.

  24. amibovverred says:

    I remember this first time around, brilliant. 5*****

  25. Razor61289 says:

    Amen to that

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