President Obama: Address to Congress on Health Insurance Reform

The President delivers an address to a joint session of Congress, explaining just how he wants to bring peace of mind to Americans who have insurance, and affordable coverage to those who don’t. September 9, 2009. (Public Domain)

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25 Responses

  1. 136Obrian says:

    @percie4kitty Do you have a brain Obama hater? Its people like you that are lost you racist!!

  2. 1986hangman says:

    Joe jerk Obama didnt lie.we need to be forceful with the Facts. here they are SEC. 242.
    1 IN GENERAL.– For purposes of this division, the term ”affordable credit eligible individual” means, subject to subsection (b), an individual who is lawfully present in a State in the United States SEC. 246. NO FEDERAL PAYMENT FOR UNDOCUMENTED ALIENS. Nothing in this subtitle shall allow Federal payments for affordability credits on behalf of individuals who are not lawfully present in the United States.

  3. johnm7491 says:

    I dont understand why so many were against this, it’s Free healthcare for 30 odd million people, whats wrong with that?

  4. BabySabrina07 says:

    thank god obama win. the health care prob in u.s is over.

  5. TheVoiceOfReason93 says:


    Fuck you, WHITE – TRASH

  6. GaySingleMulatto says:

    Thank God for Democrats.

  7. GaySingleMulatto says:

    @percie4kitty Shame on you and your demented soul. I’m going to report you and see that you’re removed from YouTube. You’re a deeply disturbed individual and those in you wake should encourage you to seek psychoanalysis.

  8. percie4kitty says:

    this nigger and his health care most go cant wait til the day is out
    of that office

  9. realitiesupremebeing says:

    “proof, if I AM in fact the U.S.B. why would I need 2 prove anything” the line in 1 of my boxes comments refers 2 my AKA initials Universesupremebeing, realitiesupremebeing, notice 4 those into chaos theory how it took 4wires to plug in all kinds of things into U R computers, the 4 prongs represent the4 four forces N S E W or NEWS- or the four angels, or the 4 horseman of the Apocalyptic end.

  10. realitiesupremebeing says:

    I never like criticizing any of my creations, except! when I’m having to deal with morons who have a deeply ESTABLISHED HISTORY of WAR the majority of their history, this includes the idiot who keeps sending me attacks &now excepts me

  11. realitiesupremebeing says:

    2 produce miracles 4 all 2 see in writing & in Utube video’s, let me educate U on proof, if I AM in fact the why would I need 2 prove anything 2 abstract WAR like creatures the likes of U! it is rather U that need to prove 2 me U R capable of A peace lasting 20 years much less 1,000 years! just ignore me like U have 4 all the centuries that U have and see what is going to happen!!!!!

  12. realitiesupremebeing says:

    oh & the pathfinder incident surfs directly 2 the car name, I know the complete facts about the whole agenda that AL QUEDA and the USA & coalition forces R involved in & the answers will knock everybodies socks off, BUT WHY BOTHER when it’s basically all of U creatures RESPONSIBILITY 2 keep peace without all your puny whole worlds arsenals, boy are all of U in 4 a surprize!!!!!!!

  13. pepino27 says:

    @jerunslymanable Go read a book, idiot. UK is the 10th fattest country, US is the 3rd. Plus, trust me, living in a country with socialized medicine is probably one of the best things ever. If there is one thing that makes me not want to move to the states, it’s the health care system.

  14. TheNads67 says:

    Canada loves you you are the best thing since JFK go obama go

  15. iloveyou5414 says:

    and @babygirl11110, PRESIDENT Obama got the most votes in a presidential election in the history. Whites, blacks, Latino’s, Asian’s and all races voted for him. Know what your talking about before you say it.

  16. iloveyou5414 says:

    @babygirl11110 He did give healthcare to immagrants, stupid. And I am a white american who voted for Obama. He is an amazing person, and president. He has done nothing wrong. He is very intelligent, and way smarter than any McLame/Falin. Whether you like it or not, he’s president, get over it. Stop watching your conservative Fox News, and listen to people who actually know what their talking about. Seems like you don’t know what your talking about, either.

  17. gamercenation says:

    gamercenation go 2 hell obama– go 2 hell bush -go 2 hell clinton go 2 hell all of congress- go 2 hell senate— the UNITED STATES SENATE has 6 letters in the first name- 6 letters in the second & 6 letters in the last name equals = 666 the mark of the beast A curse on the USA it is EVIL the mayflower rose from the sea– the mark of the beast in matthew 18-6 Christ condems those who have ANY PART IN KILLING CHILDREN interpert revalations right & U will know the truth!

  18. locoken says:

    @ShadowReubenKee Wow! Your maturity is showing very well, Shadow! Love the way you display it so eloquently with such descriptive words! But I’m particularly blown away with your ability to slander me without even knowing me or anything about me. My comment to you was merely about the last part of your comment and the way you think the big “O” is the best thing since sliced bread. People many years from now will say Bush Jr. and Obama are the worst thing to happen in our history.

  19. babygirl11110 says:

    What The Fuck! Didnt Obama Said He Was Gonna To Help illegal Immingrants? So Why The Fuck Doesnt He Wanna Give Them Health Care Insurance, He’s Doinq Everythinq Wronq! If He Wasn’t Goinq To Help illegal immigrants Then He Should Have Never Said So Because He Only Won The Presidency With The Latino Vote!!

  20. jerunslymanable says:

    People keep saying “oh look how great the socialized systems in Europe are,” but look at Great Britain. They got socialized healthcare, and then they became the fattest country in the world. they even beat the U.S. Way to go, GB.

  21. jerunslymanable says:

    @gm110170 Ooo right I forgot! If Google says it, it must be true!

  22. jerunslymanable says:

    The White House doesn’t want change. it wants to control every single American in the country! Thts the only reason why this bill got passed. because Obama wants to control you!!!! Obama is a Commie. A leopard can’t change its spots, nd a commie cant change is pathetic love for big government.

  23. locoken says:

    @ShadowReubenKee Sounds like you don’t like a conversation unless you are in control of it/everything, Shadow. If people can’t give their opinion as you have given yours, then maybe you shouldn’t post on a site such as this. It is clear you are immature by the comments you have made in retaliation here but even more disturbing to me personally is that my grandparents are from Sweden. They and the rest of my family don’t act as stupid as you. What happened with you? Bad parenting?

  24. MRIYBR says:

    why do they stand up after every little applaud? don’t they get tired?

  25. godslander says:

    Zero repulicans voted for it! Zero democrats read it! Wait till someone actually reads it, oh the surprises!!!

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