Purchasing Travel Insurance

Purchasing Travel Insurance – Your Options

There are three main options you have when purchasing your travel insurance.

1.You can buy direct from the insurer.
2.Buy through your local travel agent.
3.Buy from a travel insurance reseller usually online.

Buying directly from the insurer or through your local travel agent you will generally find that the travel insurance you buy is not discounted. You have to go directly to their office, discuss your travel needs then fill in application forms for your insurance. It can be a time consuming affair.
Buying through a reseller generally means you will save money and time. Most resellers have web sites where you can fill in your information online to find the travel insurance policy that you require. You can then complete an application form and receive your policy by mail. The resellers are offered a discount on the insurance by the insurance companies, so they can pass on some of this discount to you.

The following outlines what a reseller of travel insurance is and what it means for you.

What is a Travel Insurance Reseller?
A travel insurance reseller is a middle person between the customer and insurance company or companies.

What do they do?
A travel insurance reseller sells travel insurance for one or more insurance companies, usually at a discounted price. Because a reseller receives discounts from the travel insurance companies they can offer you cheaper travel insurance than buying direct from the insurance companies.

What are their responsibilities?
The responsibilities of a Travel Insurance reseller are:
• Help you find a travel insurance product that you need.
• Interact with the insurance company to complete your application.
• Interact with the insurance company to process any Pre-Exisiting medical and senior traveller issues. This interaction often involves a fee.
• If you need to cancel the insurance before you travel then the reseller will interact with the insurance company to cancel the policy. You may be charged for this service.
• Once your policy has taken effect the contract is complete and any interactions in regard to claims must be dealt with between you and the insurer. The travel insurance reseller is able to help you to get in touch with the insurer.

How do they profit?
Travel insurance resellers profit by passing on part of the discount that they receive from an insurance company to you. For example, a reseller may receive a 45% discount on the Travel insurance products that they sell, and they may pass on a saving of 15% to you.
So you walk away happy because you have saved 15% on your Travel Insurance product and they are happy because they have made a 30% margin on this product.

How do I know if a Travel Insurance Reseller is reputable?
In Australia all travel insurance resellers must be approved and will have been issued with a Financial Services Reform Act (FSRA) Number. Look for this number on their web site, their business cards or the Product Disclosure Statement.

Where can I find a Australian Travel Insurance Reseller?
The following are just a few of the Travel Insurance brokers in Australia:

Australia Travel Insurance wishes you a wonderful and safe journey.

Australia Travel Insurance Providing Premium online travel insurance at discounted prices.

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