Car Insurance (Talking to Animals) Prank Call

Jared prank calls geico car insurance as Barney and tries to get a quote for his mustang for live prank calls every week!

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25 Responses

  1. xD3Sx says:


  2. mtpreviews says:


  3. samakki21 says:

    i was watching this live it was funny but WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

  4. LJKBIGMAC says:

    @poolfllok1 No, I’m pretty sure that guy made a mistake. Im not sure what it is though. Haven’t seen a car insurance commericial lately.

  5. susanfarris55 says:

    dude if I were the guy on the phone and I found out this was a prank call Id want 18 minutes of my life back lol

  6. tinsaovez says:

    she actually talked to brucy xD hahahahha shit man that was tight

  7. EpicKota9 says:

    Woooooooooooooooooooo they are gonna insure horses in da future 🙂 WOOT Im getting a horse 😛

  8. brandonman052 says:

    A horse cost wayy more than a car by far

  9. SpecialKRO says:


  10. MLGMMM says:

    i did that to gieco allstate state farm esurance etc. and we did 15 of them!!!

  11. 0plus1equals3 says:

    i did that to them the exact same thing !!!!

  12. Bearpawgraphics says:

    its a horse! lol

  13. Bearpawgraphics says:

    wtf a farm in Beverly Hills? lol

  14. skater7394 says:


  15. poolfllok1 says:

    how expensive is your car insruance over there…. 500usd per month… thats what I pay for the year here…lol

  16. eatmorchiirs says:

    Bruce Springsteen is awesome

  17. ktmpower125 says:

    lololololol so fucking funny

  18. GingerCranks says:

    Check out my channel for some hilarious prank calls by a couple of gingers!!!

  19. GingerCranks says:

    Check out my channel for some hilarious prank calls by a couple of gingers!!!

  20. wendyspwnsu says:

    WAIT A GODDAMN SECOND… the gecko ISNT real? ='(

  21. timothycoon1982 says:

    rofl!!!! friggin farmer in beverly hills?!…

  22. Ghostbustr7 says:

    My bd is july 27

  23. stevenhamlin1000 says:

    42 people tried to insure their horse

  24. NozzRhad says:

    Nicely done!

  25. Magikgef says:

    -Do you have any military or government affiliation at all?
    -I was arrested if that helps…

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