Freakazoid – 1×10 – In Arms Way (Part 1 of 2)

In Arm’s Way: Freakazoid’s Christmas shopping is interrupted by a run-in with a crime boss named “Arms” Akimbo, whose arms are locked into a jaunty pose and he cannot move it. He is attempting to extort money from local shopkeepers by selling “oops” insurance, though it’s up to Freakazoid to stop this from happening while trying to find the perfect gift for Steph. The Cloud: In the remote Teutonic mountains of Schnitzel, a spooky cloud seems to be transforming people into clown zombies. Freakazoid arrives to solve the mystery. All Credit goes to WB’s Freakazoid team. Also to the Freakazoid Digital Archive Project team for capturing. I’m just here to spread the genius of Freakazoid…

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25 Responses

  1. NeptuneMS385 says:

    Lol Huntsman….

  2. smellslikedeath says:

    The chimp in the opening kills me everytime. 8I

  3. Manacute1099 says:

    @ztslovebird …Well, CARTOON Network. I bet that they just wanted to “fit in” with the other TV channels with Survivor and stuff.

  4. skinnycarrotchan says:

    lol freakazoid has no musical talent whatsoever

  5. Rgoid says:


  6. ZeekTheYoYoMaster says:

    Freakazoid is a musical genius.

  7. Hasegawaa says:

    Freakazoid as a present would be perfect~~

  8. HydraxSly202 says:

    Freakazoid, I’d want you as my present! ;P

  9. Zanecario says:

    @cleonumber1 yeah, crappy accents all the way… D: They gave Sanji a brooklin accent and Mihawk a french one for some strange reason… 🙁

  10. cleonumber1 says:

    @Zanecario i suppose they gave the foreign characters rediculous accents also?. there was this one japanese show i watched the 4kids version to. i was awestruck at how stupid the characters sounded. Wish they subbed all of the japanese episodes so i could understand it, it was much more bareable

  11. Zanecario says:

    @cleonumber1 a good example of this is when 4Kids entertainment got the rights to the american showing of “One Piece”. They ruined it and filled it with retarded censorship and lame bathroom humor. No wonder few american like that show… 🙁

  12. fuzzyrats12 says:

    @cleonumber1 YAAAAAAAYYY!! :3

  13. cleonumber1 says:

    @fuzzyrats12 not at all

  14. camdude2000 says:

    whats with the dislike button?
    and i bet millions of more people(who dont have youtube accounts) wish they could have clicked the like button

  15. fuzzyrats12 says:

    is it wierd that i think freakazoid is adorable?

  16. andoykids says:

    Give her the perfume, now beat it!

    Those fake santas these days

  17. superboyag says:

    @Jerro555 well because “A batter is out when after he hits a fair ball, he or first base is tagged BEFORE he touches the base” notice BEFORE he was there at the same time

  18. JCAznDude says:

    I love how during the musical interludes, Freakazoid plays common songs we all know, but with a sense of discord. It still sounds good! ^w^

  19. superboyag says:

    tie and tie goes to the runner so he was safe

  20. lordxeras says:

    I can’t zee anyzing! eet’z so dawk and spooky en so ahn

  21. lordxeras says:

    I can’t zee anyzing! eet’z so dawk and soppy en heea

  22. lordxeras says:

    @cleonumber1 pretty much the only decent show today would be Phineaus and Ferb, although it’s nowhere near as good as this one.

  23. BetaWolf47 says:

    Jam shoots out their heads? I hope that’s not the same “jam” that they fill Stretch Armstrongs with!

  24. UrMoveHolyMan90 says:

    who is that guy ringing the bell dressed up as Santa Claus? he’s always in a scene

  25. XxEmOdOmInIcAnOxXx says:

    this was when i use to be on tv all day and watch hundreds of carttoons and never get bored 😀
    now i barely turn on the tv -___-

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