Health Insurance: Understanding the Lingo (College Health)

Health insurance is confusing enough without trying to navigate the murky waters of terms like deductible, copay and coinsurance. More at:

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  1. connorbed83 says:

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  2. TonikHealthInsurance says:

    Very useful information. I am very interested. thanks boss…

  3. jersoninsurens says:

    Thanks for posting this… Need some background about the subject…

  4. OKAYLOOK says:

    THEY R only $30.00, so take a break from BEER, or WEED, and FOCUS, plus…you can clip your own fingernails and buy ummm…VINEGAR or Baby Powder.

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  6. Smartassawhip says:

    The USA has the … “BEST SPECIALISTS” … but our Health Care System stinks and is ranked as the Low 37th on a World Scale !! It’s like saying “THE USA WON THE MOST GOLD MEDALS IN THE OLYMPICS … SO THE ENTIRE AMERICAN POPULATION IS MADE OF TOP ATHLETES !!
    When in reality we have an overweight & sick …(cancer~heart diseases~diabetic)… population, compared to other nations. Don’t buy into the Right-Wing propaganda. See My profile for ways to contact your representative. Thanks.

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