Yogscast – Saints Row the Third 6: Insurance Fraud

Simon and Lewis screw around in the new Saints Row game! (Note, this is actually episode 5, I think we got them mixed up! Don’t worry about it!) Title Splashscreen by Malakuko: cghub.com ● Yogscast Gear: yogscast.spreadshirt.co.uk ● Facebook: www.facebook.com ● Twitter: www.twitter.com ● Forums: yogscast.com ● Podcast: itunes.apple.com

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25 Responses

  1. Nick Jensen says:

    more saints row 3

  2. peddie15 says:


  3. Tundramoth25 says:

    Imagine if SImon and Lewis actually had one of these parked outside Yogtowers!

  4. max steelberg says:

    12;39-guy in car is dead 12;44 other guy in car is dead 12;51 simon says is he dead *car explodes now he is

  5. spongebob7285 says:

    It’s funny cause they have gone past some of the best and rarest cars in the game abseloutlely clueless

  6. StratoReloaded says:

    4:25 Weirdest fetish ever

  7. Wisemanboy1 says:

    YAY!!!! My favorite game played by my favorite channel! Glad you guys started playing it again.

  8. Ninjax219 says:

    Simon: Your shit pierce!
    Pierce: I hear you!


  9. Liotahcheion says:

    One thing I learned is Lewis hates his car getting damaged I mean he really hates it lol

  10. sholman647 says:

    What happened to ur new outfits??!!

  11. Liotahcheion says:

    I LOVE the activity insurance fraud

  12. thehardyfanx123 says:

    The car made me orgasm

  13. lol123722 says:

    when ever i make a epic car in saints row 1 2 or 3 i call it the saints-mobile

  14. okkoker says:

    Straight from the description.

  15. awesomegeorge97 says:

    That explains so much

  16. lvl10hobbit says:

    69th video of the series

  17. iceakon says:

    That rampage at the end from Lewis was uber funny 😉

  18. TehShinegami says:

    playing on LAN ? cuz i don’t see lag.

  19. intoxicatedplanet says:

    way are the videos out of order?!?!?

  20. intoxicatedplanet says:

    why did they skip the party time

  21. dinkjr11 says:

    pause at 0:57! ouch!

  22. Icommentedalot says:

    jesse and crendor did insurance fraud better

  23. Mickey3C says:

    03:10 LOL!!!

  24. Mickey3C says:

    00:56 LOL!

  25. Jorgen Schroen says:

    people need to read the description… it clearly says this actually is episode 5 and they got them mixed up.