Travelers Insurance dog commercial (very funny)

dog commercial.

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25 Responses

  1. Lane Mosser says:

    *pregnant Pam Halpert crying*

  2. madmax9332 says:

    This isn’t VERY funny. It’s not funny at all. As a matter of fact, it’s really lame.

  3. Chervivor says:

    My dog Scooter has the same issues. But no safe deposit box! 😉

  4. BgMsDangerus says:

    This could be the theme song to my life right now. I listen to this and think “boy, you’re singing to the choir.”

  5. freudzwetdream says:

    I want that dog.

  6. Daniel Carlson says:

    Ray LaMontagne 🙂

  7. TheKTV2009 says:

    this video is very nice 🙂 Dog is talented!!!! what an actor!

  8. A Williams says:

    What an absolutely beautiful voice. God, he is so gifted. Just beautiful.

  9. Shehan Jay says:

    Office brought me here

  10. heru pujianto says:

    This sort of vid is the reason why I check out Youtube. They truly make me grin. BUT a large number of pet owners are incrementally KILLING their pet dogs… The junk commercial dog food companies insert into pet food generates varieties of cancer and makes pet dogs die early.. If you have a dog and you would like to help save its life and highly-priced vet charges and make sure it lives for longer then lookup the Double Life Dog Diet (Look in Google.)

  11. aphdmansco says:

    Don’t know. I got her from a shelter as a pup. I would guess some sort of poodle mix maybe with a Cairn Terrier but that is just a guess. Wonderful disposition, intelligent. If you can find one like her get her. Good Luck.

  12. TrackForField says:

    I saw this back in 2011 when the Tour de france was on every commercial break.

  13. OneCoolNinja says:


  14. OneCoolNinja says:

    He just want

  15. Misterms Reason says:

    The Dog also thought the cat would want his dirty bone.

  16. Jomari Velasco says:

    A dog really went to a bank to keep it safe? Lol

  17. cscdigitalgraphics says:

    great commercial…. love that dog

  18. James McDonald says:

    i cried too.

  19. BgMsDangerus says:

    I fell in love with the puppy the first time I saw it.

  20. BgMsDangerus says:

    I am so glad I found this. It is my all time favorite commercial. He reminds me of my Scooter, whom I loved dearly and had to let go too soon when he became very ill. “Trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble…trouble been dogging my soul since the day I was born.” Boy can I relate!!!

  21. Jennifer Schillig says:

    Spike’s a near-dead ringer for my “niece” Weezy!

    (Weezy’s eyes are darker, though. And she’s a little bigger.)

  22. trebor984 says:

    I was a young boy when TV arrived on the scene. So I’ve seen a slew of commercials, many not very good, some mediocre, a few good. This is the best, cutest ad I have ever seen. This little dog should have an Academy Award along with a safe place to hide his bones, so the little guy can stop worrying so much.

  23. adamwest75 says:

    This is still and always will be my favorite commercial.

  24. batonkatos says:

    Awww im going rite now 2 get travelers insurance

  25. MegaSnarf123 says:

    even though he’s a dog, he has amazing facial expressions