Health Insurance Exchange

One of the good things that happened to the US government is the mandate in the recent health reform. This mandate is to implement a health insurance exchange each state. According to President Obama who signed into law in March 2010, a health insurance exchange is a place where American citizens can shop for a health plan and compare prices and benefits where in they can choose the plan they want. More likely it is a web portal to provide information and quotes on health plan insurance, hopefully in more U.S. citizens Result of enrolling for it. Some people have suggested that the results are randomized so that there is no alphabetical preferential treatment.

With this law, Congress is trying to promote transparency and accountability within the health plan insurance because information would be displayed publicly on many different insurance companies. Any individuals cannot be easily deny just because of their medical history. Some experts believe a health care insurance exchange to help facilitate the recruitment of more U.S. citizens in a health plan, while also providing structure and supervision on the current health care insurance market. There were a few Health Insurance Exchanges set up already in the United States, especially in Massachusetts (Massachusetts Connector) and Utah (Utah Health Exchange). There is also a New York-based, non-profit health plan exchange referred to health passport. Some states have chosen to administer these themselves, while others have allowed the federal government to run that state’s health insurance plan exchange. The debate has been over how to fund this plan.

Source: Vinson Matthew Lozano

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