We bought the wrong horse! Hilarious insurance commercial…

Hilarious commercial, well, that's what i though 😀

Mafia buy 'worlds best' racing horse for half their money, then bet the rest of their money on the race…lets see what happens?

Source: YouTube

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24 Responses

  1. Pferde.de says:

    Alt, aber immer wieder super: was einem Pferdekenner nie passieren würde.. 

  2. Aklina Moon says:

    You have to watch it all, but it’s really funny!!!

  3. *”Your laugh for today…”*

    We bought the wrong horse. This is funny, but also so true. How often do
    we see people buy the wrong horse? Of course, some of them can be re
    trained, but it is not often that a race horse can become a dressage horse.
    Do you know anyone who brought a horse home that was not suitable for
    their needs?

    We bought the wrong horse! Hilarious insurance commercial…

  4. CHAR JARN says:

    I love the actors being on point with the accent and mob mannerisms. 

  5. Saartje05 says:

    For those who think this is an Arab, no it’s not. I’m sure it’s a Dutch
    warmblooded horse.

  6. molly moo says:


  7. prancy prancy prancy 1:03

  8. Compramos el caballo equivocado :)

  9. Saartje05 says:

    Dutch commercial. They Always have great ones for this Insurance compagny.

  10. That’s awesome 😀 

  11. OHH……… “Madonna MI !!!!!!!!”……………….”mystrykitty”

  12. pretty good dressage horse though! :D

  13. I think some people don’t answer how much they spent on a horse because
    they feel guilty that they could not afford the horse but wanted it so bad
    that they took out a loan or payment plan on the horse and are now in deep
    debt for the thousands of dollars they spent. Like those people who insist
    on only buying imported warmbloods from Europe that cost like 70,000

  14. omg im dying of laughter x’DDD

  15. Ha Ha Ha! It was a dressage horse! Not a race horse! Made me laugh so hard

  16. hammysocks15 says:

    Dressage horse: Do you even KNOW who my sire was? *huff*

  17. C Whitaker says:

    Actually I have a OTTB the is built identical to my Westphalian. They both
    have great top lines, thick bones, huge feet, and cute heads…