How To Choose The Best Individual Health Insurance Plan

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With the current state of the economy, many individuals are seeking to procure their own health insurance for the first time. Many individuals will find it rather confusing to determine just how to go about find the best individual health insurance plans with respect to meeting their needs. There are many health insurance plans on the market. A single insurance carrier can have hundreds of individual insurance plans. Sometimes it can be a real challenge to determine which health insurance plans provide the best quality. This is where it becomes very beneficial to have a knowledgeable insurance professional like me walk you through the process of choosing the best health insurance plan for you.

Some people are embarrassed to let it be known that they don't have health insurance coverage. They should not be ashamed of this fact as long as they do something about it now.

The price of health insurance can be very high for some, but the lack of health insurance can result in costs that could be financially catastrophic.

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15 Responses

  1. Starting a new job that doesn’t supply employees with healthcare, I need to
    know what kind I can have and afford. I make minimum wage, not many hours
    and I faithfully pay $300.00 child support monthly. I need for my me and

  2. Cy Porter says:

    Thanks! Exactly what I needed to know.

  3. David Randle says:

    Reggie I am a agent also good information except all “policies are a like
    the only difference is who choose to do business with”. This varies
    according to company there are plans that are clearly better than others
    based on services provided and premium paid,

  4. OMECA BEST says:

    You can go to and click on see plans before I apply.
    Chose a plan you qualify for. You will need to answer some demographic
    information. During your enrollment if you need additional information
    contact me at 9082515143 or email me at omesabest@gmail. Also, you can
    entry my Name as your insurance Agent that help you navigate the system
    OMECA Best id 96321

  5. yamet garcia says:

    I really need help choosing health insurance. I live in Cali and I honestly
    don’t understand anything on where to even start. This is not a joke by the

  6. mingblack says:

    You’re the man! You explained this perfectly!

  7. Bob Chapman says:

    Your video was referred to me through a member of Caboodle, can you sell
    insurance in Florida?

  8. Reggie D says:

    Thanks, Gordon. I’m glad you found the information useful. Reggie.

  9. Gordondon says:

    Thanks Reggie Very informative.

  10. Reggie D says:

    @Rollix100 Hi Roll, I am licensed in the states of Texas and Georgia. Even
    though I can’t write a policy for you, I’ll be happy to answer any
    insurance related questions you might have. Let me know if you need help.
    Also, I have a friend in Florida that should be able to help if you would
    like for me to contact him for you. Take care Reggie.

  11. GODZKID007 says:

    Hey Reggie, I wanted to ask well actually I am trying to find medical
    coverage for fiancee who has a pre-existing conditon heart murmur and
    asthma, she is located in California, I was wondering if you might have any
    leads? also we do alot of traveling abroad and might be in need of
    international health insurance..

  12. Reggie D says:

    Thanks, Ming! Happy to help. Reggie.

  13. 1985cheryl says:

    @SelfEmployedUtopia wow how do i join this discount club