Eat Cheap Health Food on a Budget Pt. 1


Are you strapped for cash and feel like if you buy healthy food you'll be spending more money than you've got? Fear not!

In this episode Brandon takes us into your typical Grocery Store and guides us through a list of healthy foods which can be purchased on a budget.

Click here for PART 2!

Episode 1's list includes: Eggs, Milk, Turkey, Chicken, Sweet Potatoes, Greek Yogurt, Talapia, Brown Rice, Black Beans and more!

These foods are full of protein, healthy fats and carbs to help give you the energy to make it through your day.

Buff Dudes / Food / Eating Cheap Healthy Food on a Budget Part 1
Starring: Brandon Myles White
Shot n' Edited by: Hudson

Music by Kevin MacLeod

Griphop – ISRC: US-UAN-11-00413

Pixel Art By João Victor G. Costa (JinnDev)

Source: YouTube

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25 Responses

  1. samsonpker says:

    cool video, made me laugh at the cock sauce.

    I wrote down everything you said on paper, that helps remember.

  2. Isabella D says:

    I think your definition of cheap is different from mine

  3. Eric Orozco says:

    Don’t they add sugar to those bottled salsas? You should make your own
    salsa or buy a more natural one. Salsa is easy to make. Throw tomatoes,
    onions, cilantro, garlic, and some form of chili (Japanese chili is great,
    u could use jalepenos too) into a blender and you’re done. Of course the
    proportion of each ingredient needs to be learned

  4. Diq Hed says:

    Whats the difference between brown and white rice? I usually have white
    rice is it such a significant difference I should change to brown or does
    it really matter?

  5. Coduscus C says:

    Cottage cheese all the way, love the stuff, eat it every night. Cheapest
    protein source bar none. 1 out of the 6 servings (1/2 cup) has 13g protein,
    at less than 2 dollars a tub.

  6. What if your vegan?

  7. Mazeingpower says:

    i hate tulopia would much. I am fornicate enough to have a lake beside my
    house and i go for fresh redfish or trout depinding on what i catch

  8. Raymond Gray says:

    Nearly lost me at the non-fat milk.

    How did society get to the stage where we measure the quality of our food
    by … how *little* nutrition is in it???

  9. jon conny says:

    lol the way he grabbed that bag of rice was too funny!

  10. To Shuan T : the number 1 reason people dont workout is NOT because they
    dont have the time its because THEY DONT REALLY WANT TO WORK OUT! They just
    want to lose weight. There is a HUGE difference.

  11. AvengedSol says:

    Man sweet potatoes/yams are disgusting. I’ve tried to eat them so many
    times and ughghghughguhg And where do you get Ezekiel bread? I’ve never
    seen it in any store near me

  12. RamiV2 says:

    The Cock Sauce proves men are always going to laugh at the most immature
    things, no matter how old you are lol!

  13. isn’t that milk contains casein instead of whey?

  14. liam bramley says:

    Health! Haha FFS he started with eggs meat and milk!. Can’t he find plant

  15. B-12 is a Earth bound bacteria. It does not origin from animals but from
    soil, trees, and Nature in general. Just Cut the middel man! Every plant is
    a complete protein, look it up! It is called the
    triple protein myth. Go Vegan and drop the excuses.


  16. Do we get to see the price of each product or what??

  17. Jong Oabmay says:

    can u guys pair up with the all kinds of gains and all kinds of nuts hangin
    around the +Hodgetwins please (Y)

  18. jason618 says:

    salsa dose not have a little bit of sodium, it has a shit load!

  19. Alek Day says:

    You’re totaly ignorant about healthy eating! Everything you’ve bought has
    GMO, hormones, antibiotics in it. How is it healthy?
    Homogenized and pasteurized Milk and milk products are not healthy either.
    Farm raised Tilapia also is a terrible advice. Basically, Tilapia is raised
    in a portable restrooms where they eat their own defecation. Add hormones,
    antibiotics, GMO feed.
    I guess all those muscles hit you in the head. 

  20. American supermarkets have got everything! Learn from this UK!

  21. 권병수 says:

    you choose cheap but healthy food. It’s controversial.
    milk, yogurt and etc.

  22. i can’t use whey protein :[ really makes me a sad panda. gives me super
    tension migraines.

  23. Gluie says:

    what if you hate eggs :(

  24. asis dev says:

    To people who want to get ripped some day. Copy and Paste Into Google
    Ready Set Ripped to find out more.

  25. fox12 says:

    I’m not allergic but I can’t stand the smell of eggs when they’re cooked!
    Heck I used to take them raw just to avoid the cooked smell! It’s so
    regrettable the best protein and I hate it 🙁