Funny insurance commercial

the title says it all!

Source: YouTube

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21 Responses

  1. 101thefreaxx says:

    haaaha EPIC FAIL !!

  2. LuuKaa1992 says:

    Please rate & comment.

  3. ohhhhhhh shit mannn……….

  4. blueblue2626 says:

    Good commercial …….!! Heheheheeee…….

  5. racenemo says:

    Dutch insurance called; Apeldoorn made lots of these ads

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  7. adeemsalik says:

    hahahaha run forest run

  8. blueblue2626 says:

    i like this commercial……….. Hahahah……

  9. austinsplace says:

    LOL, it does have a message BeHind it. 5/5

  10. thats what that douchbag gets! HA XD #LOL.

  11. Holland has the best commercials

  12. diema179 says:

    O…….he will be somebody`s honey tonight!

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