Tips for Picking Coverage and Deductibles on Free Car Insurance Quotes…

Checking free car insurance quotes is a great way to get an idea how much insurance will cost if you are looking to buy a car. You can check with agents or on the phone, but the most popular way (and quickest!) is by checking online quotes.

Don't be overwhelmed by the coverage choices on free car insurance quotes. The main thing you need to know is if you need "Full" or "Liability Only " coverage. If you have to take out a loan to buy the car, you will need to maintain Collision and Comprehensive…often referred to as full coverage. It is actually "physical damage" protection for your car. You also have options for Loss of Use (rental car) and Towing or Roadside Assistance on your free car insurance quotes.

If you will not have a loan for the car, check the value and then check the cost for Collision and Comprehensive. If will be paying more than 20% of the value of your car in a year's worth of Collision and Comprehensive, it doesn't make sense to include it on your free car insurance quotes. The money you would spend on premiums you can just save up to buy another car if you wreck it.

Choosing Deductibles

If you have determined that you do need physical damage protection for your car, the next thing you will need to do is pick your deductibles on your free car insurance quotes. The deductible is the amount you will be responsible to pay first if you have to place a claim for Collision or Comprehensive damage. Let's first break down the two coverages separately so it will help with your choice. Collision—This will provide a way for you to fix or replace your car, up to it's value (with depreciation and wear and tear figured in) if you cause damage to the car. Maybe you ran off the road and hit a guardrail or tree, or perhaps you accidently rammed the back of a car in front of you and damaged your car, both are covered under Collision.

The younger you are, the less driving and insurance history you have, and the more "dings" you have on your driving history will drive up the cost of Collision immensely. Therefore, many people will recommend high deductibles on your free car insurance quotes, as much as $1000 or higher.

This is where you need to take stock. How likely are you to have an accident? If your youth or driving experience suggests you have a higher chance, but you truly feel that you are more careful than other drivers with your age and experience, you might feel comfortable having a high deductible.

You also have to again consider the cost versus the value. If you aren't required to carry Collision, you may only want to include Collision on your free car insurance quotes if your car is a high-value vehicle in excellent condition. Comprehensive—This coverage will give you up to the value of your car to fix or replace your car that is from "non-collision" loss. This would include storm damage like hail, flood, overturned trees, debris, and tornados. Other acceptable losses would be theft, vandalism, and glass breakage.

It also will cover if a deer runs into your car. One thing to remember that if you hit the deer it is covered under Comprehensive (not-at-fault), but if you swerve to avoid the deer and hit a tree, it will be covered under Collision and will charge you as an at-fault loss.

The cost for this coverage is typically less than the cost for Collision. You are unlikely to save much money if you choose a $1000 deductible as opposed to a $500 deductible. Again, compare the prices to aid your decision on your free car insurance quotes.

The rest of the policy is typically required on any insurance policy and it is the amount of coverage for injuries and damage that you are liable for, as well as protection for yourself from uninsured motorists. Keep in mind the higher your limits, the more protection you have. As you check on free car insurance quotes, you can always try different levels of protection and deductibles to perfectly customize your policy to best meet your present needs. They can be changed at any time.

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