funny women insurance commercial


Source: YouTube

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24 Responses

  1. Ha Ha!!! Hardly PC……..What do you think?

  2. A little humor for the day…BTW we insure both men & women

  3. A little humor for the day…BTW we insure both men & women

  4. alphafactor says:

    @bsabenson1 Quoted for truth

  5. Bushy Bush says:

    didnt really find it that funny :/

  6. JonO387 says:

    Why would they insure only the worst drivers?

  7. JacktheSmack says:

    Sounds like insurance rates would be higher.

  8. jonjnsn says:

    @phumelele1 yes but if we want things to be equal than we should make them
    equal this just tips the scale the other way so we arnt getting anywhere

  9. El Rudo luna says:

    hahahahahahahaha totally see that happening…

  10. El Rudo luna says:

    im a guy and totally true.. ahahahahaha man have more testosterone which
    makes us do more stupid stuff..unless ur gay and dont have balls..jk

  11. Marsman315 says:

    Ive never seen an insurance or car commercial as blatantly discriminating
    of a particular sex as this one is. And this isnt just the video the
    insurance is for women only, imagine even trying to start a mens only
    insurance company. Itd be sued and destroyed instantly

  12. HeyCrazyLady says:

    Ha ha hahahahahaha, Yes some of the responses are as funny as the video.
    Lighten Up People!

  13. So you’re accusing Fyraell of being sexist, while you belittle her with
    your sexist comments? “Did you even notice that the sexism you accuse me of
    is being carried out by sluts like you!!” The word “slut” is meant to
    demean women for having sex, while men can only be praised for the act, a
    clearly sexist ideal. Practice what you preach, and while you’re at it,
    grow a pair.

  14. Imrankniazi says:

    @jorehir Yes that’s a contradiction indeed. TBH, both sexism and racism (or
    even speceism, for that matter) are natural trigger responses that humans
    have. Anyone with a degree in physical anthropology would tell you that it
    is unnatural conditioning which prevents us from exhibiting our instincts.
    I agree with you that either both should be punished or be allowed to a
    certain degree. The double-standard, for sure, is glaringly obvious.

  15. TheStapler says:

    Sexist towards men. Paints a stereotypical picture.

  16. Is that true at the end, though?

  17. 1radash says:

    @bsabenson1 LOL, even though i’m a woman your comment is hilarious!