Banned Life Insurance Commercial

Banned Humana Life Insurance Commercial aired on a compilation comedy show few years ago

Source: YouTube

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18 Responses

  1. grobiegirl12 says:

    do u want a smack? HAHAHAAA

  2. Snobert says:

    This was not a banned life insurance commercial, this is from a comedy
    sketch show called the “That Mitchell and Webb look”

  3. ZoneHeroXV says:


  4. 4c00h says:

    @EvilFury321 now you just need a girlfriend!

  5. I know honey, its because she can’t read! loved it!!

  6. Rixar13 says:

    For Profit Insurance company, Humana Life Insurance…

  7. EvilFury321 says:

    I bought life insurance because of this commercial.

  8. camandhayley says:

    Couldn’t be bothered. Life’s great now. Lol

  9. couldn’t be Arsed, life is great now LOL. This is great

  10. WKaliberr says:

    your mother fails at not getting AIDS

  11. Dan N says:

    Wow this is dark

  12. eskiflod says:

    If you dont think this is funny, your a cunt