Eat Healthy Food on a Budget Tips – Nutrition by Natalie

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Nutrition by Natalie
Eat Healthy Food on a Budget Tips

Save money and eat healthy foods as the same time. Natalie gives ways eat better without breaking the bank.

Tips to eat better for less. A healthy diet will increase health, weight loss, wellness and fitness.

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25 Responses

  1. Chris Eccles says:

    let’s call things their names; not convenience but laziness and, 80% people
    can’t prepare food they just cannot and LAZY!

  2. Robert Smith says:

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  3. Most times that is the case but, other times stores like H-Mart give coupon
    books, there are also sales on fresh meat and vegies, best to keep an eye
    out and go around to different stores = big money saved.

  4. serenebean30 says:

    meh… I don’t know about some of these tips. I don’t use coupons. Most of
    the time the generic brands are going to be cheaper than a name brand even
    with a coupon. Whenever i go to a farmer’s market, it’s usually the same
    price or sometimes more than at the grocery store. I grow as much of my own
    veggies as I can… barely costs anything except the seeds and water and
    some time and effort. Plus, it’s guaranteed organic and heirloom.

  5. This is such a lovely and helpful video! You spirit is so welcoming and
    kind. Thanks so much!

  6. duyuctaz says:

    @AUTubeN22 actually shoprite has coupons for healthy food they send me a
    coupon book every month also try product websites they usually have coupons
    and in the paper as well 🙂

  7. @tjizzle2da and a grammar lesson.

  8. Sam L says:

    hey i eat rice everyday, should i stop eating rice? or less?

  9. i ate my own shit,,, it makes me healthy and save budget

  10. PolakBear says:

    $22 DOLLARS!? OH JOY!

  11. Derek Sevcik says:

    how much time did you waste to get those coupons?

  12. @Michelleb23 I know, horny lil pricks on Youtube.

  13. To *shannonsurreal*: Yes, it is sad that most people will not believe in
    eating or being healthy until something goes wrong (could be a heart
    attack, or something as downgrating who they are to the point of total
    depression or mental shut down). I completely understand why a person would
    want to help their loved ones, but if they don’t want to believe in eating
    healthy or until they have their own ‘ah-ha’ moment there is nothing you
    can do but watch them waste away their life. Terrible but true.

  14. Lena Majić says:

    ok, this is what I call usefull info. I would really like to eat more
    healthier food but I was always troubled with expenses

  15. macluver35 says:

    Well, she’s just trying to help! Maybe her dad eats just awful and she’s
    worried about him. I’m not trying to be rude to you or anything and if it
    came off as that sorry. But if she wasn’t worried then I don’t suppose she
    would want to help. =)

  16. Jennyoy says:

    You’re rock, Natalie.

  17. Ithink998 says:

    also if you cook at home you can have leftover for lunch rather then paying
    $30-$50 for lunch each week. Cooking is fun anyway.

  18. @AUTubeN22 maybe not but if youre saving a few dollars on toilet paper,
    pasta and ziploc bags, its money you can put on a bag of carrots… see
    what I mean?

  19. Michelleb23 says:

    @iwantmedibud Seriously?…..seriously? What the fuck.

  20. calle899 says:

    @Lacoux i agree

  21. Tj Gonzales says:

    @LloydChristmas777 your username is the only bitch here.

  22. @Gothikification so are you saying Michelle Obama is forcing poor schools
    to grow gardens and actually make already obese kids eat healthy *GASP*. I
    could be wrong here, but if the existing system could be revamped, they
    would. that or the existing system doesn’t give a dam about the kids and
    are only worried about money in their pocket. I say this because the US
    health care makes quite a bit of $ per person. people eating healthier =
    people BEING HEALTHIER + less doctors visits= less $ for them

  23. hydrolito says:

    There is also less added chemicals, excess sugar, etc. you can’t pronounce
    the name of. Doctor Bills as a result of improper diet cost more than
    eating healthy food. Whole cuts of meat even better than hamburger (as you
    can know what you are getting) and you can ask butcher to grind it if you
    so choose.