Funny Acupuncture Commercial

Teochew is spoken in this.

Source: YouTube

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24 Responses

  1. Funniest commercial I have ever seen! lolz! I can watch this video time and
    time again and still laugh.

  2. Holy hell the Asian guy is speaking teochew (Chinese dialect) I actually
    understood him lol..

  3. Na vida, nunca se sabe o que se segue! Bom fim de semana!

  4. Not to worry we are on the first floor…

  5. Not to worry..we’re on the first floor..

  6. You never know what is coming next….

  7. Khris Hodge says:

    “I rather burn, bitch”

  8. Fatass Cow says:

    scared to jump 😀 because of needles stuck all over his body …

  9. So many people feel the need to state “facts” about acupuncture here that
    are not only wrong, but entirely unbased. No acupuncturist in the world
    would put that many needles into one body. EVER. This is not a treatment
    for anything. Also, the needles do not “cut off nerves” nor would they
    impale your heart (or are you missing your sternum?). The next person that
    says something of this sort will get a swift kick in their Hui Yin. (A few
    deserving people will get that.)

  10. John Smith says:

    Just Google STIFF DAYS.. It’s much cheaper than Viagra

  11. co0kii says:

    i think it would be dangerous and painful to pull out the needles…don’t
    quote me on this, but i think the way acupuncture works is by carefully
    sticking in the needles at the right position/angle…so it has to be taken
    out the same waay otherwise it will damage surrounding nerves

  12. plowenson says:

    and you must be stupid

  13. Frank Liu says:

    uhh wats this commercial about?

  14. Carrie White says:

    IT SAID call appeldoorn i speak dutch :d appeldoorn is a safe thing i think
    dont remember it

  15. Xiangbear says:

    0:56 – what do you call that big blanket???

  16. moral of the commercial, don’t go to dodgy looking places to get

  17. O_______O Boy they SURE DO think up of the WORST possible thing that could
    happen to you

  18. Finx says:

    ทำยังไงดีัล่ะทีนี้ …

  19. David Sun says:

    What if this happened in real life?? Tell them to send an emergency

  20. Quiestre says:

    @pedrohdcorrea First about the herbs: I never said that herbs do not work.
    of course they work they have actual medicine in it. I don’t know why you
    talk about plants, when i was talking about needles ;D. Different people
    have different opinions. but science doesn’t. you may have the opinion that
    jumping off a cliff wont kill you, but gravity proves you otherwise. I’m
    not ill so i don’t need any treatment atm. what i do is raising awareness.