Exclusive Life Insurance Commercial!

Dan M. is away so i am making all the videos for the week. anyways this is a short commercial I made for life insurance about preventing children from falling of swings.Together we can prevent children from falling off swings. Really it was quite simple however all of the audio is fake. I had to go back with a mic. and make sounds such as falling of the swing, footsteps ex. So I hope you enjoy. Bellow are likes to some other Awsome films I have made:

Contest for 100k-
Buying condoms prank-http://www.youtube.com/user/AblueTee#…
Funny Accents prank- http://www.youtube.com/user/AblueTee#…

More videos are coming out later that are like this one so sub coment rate and fav. thanks everyone for the 200 subs!

Source: YouTube

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25 Responses

  1. dacroxz says:

    @BTHstudios agreed

  2. AblueTee says:

    @bobthepeaceful please, do continue, were should i improve in?

  3. BTHstudios says:

    @AblueTee no problem. BTW good videos.

  4. dacroxz says:

    @BTHstudios yeah me too.

  5. AblueTee says:

    @dacroxz thanks. nice tooth vid too.

  6. BTHstudios says:

    @BTHstudios oh and your expression on your face

  7. BTHstudios says:

    @dacroxz same here:D

  8. shevagoal69 says:

    failvid wasted almost 2mins of my life

  9. dacroxz says:

    @BTHstudios you mean swich

  10. AblueTee says:

    @dacroxz sweet did you win?

  11. @AblueTee oh and i also meant to say that the sort of talent that you have
    may have improved over the years as you learnt more about the technique of
    video editing and taking videos but most of your flair is natural and could
    never have been learnt. You either have it or you don’t. Its just like ppl
    who havent got a very good sense of humour would find it hard to lean how
    to be funny or i could have all the piano lessons in the world an i will
    never become a concert pianist

  12. @AblueTee Sorry i didnt mean to send that comment twice. yeah maybe you
    have been doing it for 3 years but gee how old were when you first started.
    I mean 3 years ago you couldnt have been all that old. I really think that
    you have a certain flair, a certain X factor and you are certainly a very
    talented creative film maker for any age

  13. BTHstudios says:

    @AblueTee dont shich images so often

  14. BTHstudios says:

    @AblueTee great i guess.How about you?

  15. AblueTee says:

    @bobthepeaceful oh, and i forgot, accualy ive been doing youtube for 3
    years so im not that skilled.

  16. AblueTee says:

    @dacroxz lol. the next one should be way beter:D

  17. AblueTee says:

    @shevagoal69 im sorry i failed.

  18. dacroxz says:

    @AblueTee lol 😀 thanks

  19. tbh this isnt my favourite video that you have done…. but having said
    that you can see the touches of brilliance in it I really believe you have
    the potentiality to be a major You Tube star you have a huge likeablity
    factor, you are genuinely funny but also u are extremely creative & u are a
    very promising filmmaker. At the moment u are still a little rough around
    the edges but so what, you are already streets ahead of some ppl who have
    been doing this 4 years. This is still a great video!

  20. BTHstudios says:

    @AblueTee no problemo

  21. dacroxz says:

    Thanks. cant waint for the next video

  22. AblueTee says:

    Anyways, may i ask how everyones day is?

  23. bbuteo says:

    Great editing. Thumbs up.