Silence of love (Official English Subtitle) TVC Thai Life Insurance

Remember to care for those who care for you.

Thai Life Insurance (Thailand)

Source: YouTube

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25 Responses

  1. KlineStife says:

    just pretend there was some kind of problem in the hospital and he died in
    the end. go cry more

  2. Lesley Lopez says:

    damn life insurance commercial made me cry -__-

  3. Rita Chomsri says:

    well., my fav all time is Thai insurence “poo chiw(ปู่ชิว)” as sad as this

  4. Calm down Jeremey, calm down, they’re just actors, they’re happy in real
    life, everything is okay.

  5. Uz4k says:

    FAUX RACCORD ! il est sourd et il entend le coup de feu ! je hurle au
    scandale !!!

  6. Elvi Noor says:

    Kita tidak dapat memilih siapa ayah kita, namun tanpa ayah, tidak akan ada
    kehidupan untuk kita

  7. I want youtubers or teens react to this!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. mentos s says:

    At the end.
    Some people asks ” did father die?”
    Answer is ” NO ”
    On the monitor is from the daughter that she’s going to die.
    So father gave her his blood.
    #Sorry if my English skill is not good enough. I’m Thai :)

  9. If you do not cry after watching this, then something is wrong with your

  10. Ryan Nguyen says:

    I swear, Thailands ads are the best, even if its just an ad, it still
    teaches heaps!

  11. Of course they both made it, they are actors in a commercial.

  12. Bangblockbap says:

    This is on a whole new level of “fuck you”.

  13. coo00OOl……………..

  14. Clarence Oh says:

    sad but true…

  15. jokoreich says:

    :'( This ad always gets me.

  16. IMKevin117 says:

    You know I thought this would be one of those facebook posts that just make
    me regret clicking on it… but I nearly did cry to be honest, that was a
    nice video. 

  17. westempire0 says:

    wow those two actors are incredible!!!

  18. sissyk1996 says:

    Wow. I just cried a whole river. This was really sad. All I want to know is
    if they both made it…

  19. Cousin Chris says:

    Show me on the doll where you felt the feel.

  20. Love your father :’)

  21. I’m too sleep deprived for this sad stuff. 🙁 

  22. I LOVE U PAPA :’-)

  23. I cannot stop crying