creative ads touching heartwarming thai life insurance commercial

a heartwarming ads from Thai Life Insurance.

Source: YouTube

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23 Responses

  1. I saw this at music in school

  2. Guina 452 says:

    – Você pode ser uma família para alguém, olhe ao seu redor e veja quantas
    pessoas estão carentes do seu carinho nesse momento. Você tem se preocupado
    tanto e o tempo tem passado tão depressa. Olhe pra Jesus, quando ele veio a
    esse mundo, se preocupava com as pessoas e cuidava delas, sempre tem alguém
    precisando da sua ajuda.

    – Você não ficará famoso, e talvez nem seja conhecido por isso, mas eu te
    garanto, você será uma pessoa iluminada, você irá resplandecer o amor de
    Deus aqui nessa terra, e os olhos do Senhor estarão sobre você o tempo
    inteiro, te guardando e operando milagres na sua vida, pois esse Deus
    maravilhoso, está sempre em busca dessas pessoas.

    creative ads touching heartwarming thai life insurance commercial

  3. creative ads touching heartwarming thai life insurance commercial

  4. Dennis Tenn says:

    Ok I’ll admit it. It got me when the little girl showed up wearing her new
    school uniform. The message is great and it’s worth it to watch. I found
    this on facebook shared by one of my Sensei there.

  5. Brakathor says:

    I just saw this ad in passing, and the first 5 seconds grabbed me enough to
    see the whole thing through. Currently living in Thailand, what had me
    laughing all the way through is the image of a Thai giving anything to
    ANYONE rather than just taking, while everyone in the video is shaking
    their head at him thinking “He’s shaming us: he’s giving stuff away rather
    than taking from every single person he sees.” This is a very funny
    advertisement altogether. Moreover, it’s for a life insurance company which
    makes their money by profiting off your dead relatives and your suffering.

  6. Krad Sky says:

    i got cried when the little girl wears a uniform.

  7. Ron deezzee says:

    creative ads touching heartwarming thai life insu…: JUST A THOUGHT FOR YOU AN YOURS.

  8. BryanzOwner says:


  9. Victor Ruiz says:

    I have tried to make this kind of point for most of my life. I am so happy
    to see that I was not alone in this thought

  10. Meaningful Monday! give someone a hand today. #notforthewin

  11. There are benefits — including intangible ones — to doing good
    deeds. The following life insurance ad from Thailand illustrates this fact

    #thailand #tvcommercial #kindness #generosity 

  12. Meaningful Monday! give someone a hand today. #notforthewin

  13. Mahesh Bhede says:

    i like this……..

  14. Some 2 hour movies work so hard to make me feel half of what this ad does
    in 3 minutes.

  15. This is touching. :'( <3

  16. I never wanted to buy a life insurance more

  17. Ajay Kumar says:

    Interesting commercial by thai life insurance #motivational #creativeadds

  18. Michael Ni says:

    to be an instrument of love & kindness…