Pension plan AD of Max New York Life Insurance

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Source: YouTube

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11 Responses

  1. Kinda the story of my life – – but in reverse! 🙂 Awesome ad, perfect
    casting, fabulous execution!

  2. Vinayak V says:

    The end is the best

  3. brilliant work… just luv dis ad..

  4. Vinay Sharma says:

    Creative Ogilvy and Corcoise Productionised

  5. Skanoza says:

    I agree. There is so much realism in this idea; it’s witty and
    well-presented too. Sheer genius to use a low camera angle, looking up at
    the lady; gives an impression that she’s reprimanding a kid but the real
    situation unfolds in the end. Brilliant. And such good actors! Any idea who
    made this ad (both Creative & Production).

  6. David Mende says:

    lol….I love this ad! Very creative and humorous.

  7. Skanoza says:

    Thanks a great deal, for finding the info and responding too.

  8. SMS Pension at 54242

  9. if I could understand what is she talking about…. ?can some one translate
    in english… so we can understand it?

  10. roli yadav says:

    Can any1 plz tell the name of lady acting in this ad.

  11. Vinay Sharma says:

    @ Kriver…I agree dear…probably the story which connect toa lot of
    people… @vinayak…i like the end as well…it is great…