How To Eat Healthy on a Budget

This video is about how to eat healthy (mostly whole, clean, unprocessed foods) on a budget and stick with the routine! It's more about how than what you should eat, because depending on your preferences, you could eat a variety of different foods and feel great. These are 8 tips I use to keep myself in check and not destroy my wallet =].

1. Buy things that take time to make, and make the rest at home
-I like to buy sprouted grain bread, butter, coconut oil and quality condiments/sauces
-I make things like almond butter, broths (stock), juice and veggie side dishes that I freeze

2. Keep delicious snacks in the house that are healthier than most processed snacks to keep in your routine
-I like 70% dark chocolate, seaweed chips (no canola), almond butter on strawberries (or apples) and pineapple, vanilla and cinnamon "cereal"

3. I buy local conventional if I cannot afford organic, which is usually ridiculously expensive
-Check EWG's Dirty Dozen and Clean 15

4. Make a meal plan!
-This is so important because making a meal plan is the first step to adapting a new lifestyle choice

5. Never let anything go to waste
-I use aging produce to make soups and smoothies in my blender

6. Do some research about the stores and producers in your area. Look for deals and buy in bulk.
-I like to buy produce boxes and meat packs for a cheaper price from places that source their food responsibly
-This also helps you find new foods and try new recipes

7. Prepare meals and put them in the freezer if you're busy and don't have time to always cook elaborate meals, keep a food journal and make lists of what you have in your fridge so nothing gets forgotten
-Frozen food is the next best thing to fresh, the cells rupture but the majority of the nutrition is in tact

8. Get a crock pot and use it!
-I like to throw bay leaves, veggies, honey, mustard, stock, protein, salt and pepper. Simple and always delicious

Things Mentioned:
Gorilla Food Cookbook by Aaron Ash

I used a tapered curling iron on my hair that is 1 inch at the base and .5 inch at the tip, I am not wearing extensions =]

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25 Responses

  1. CloudyApples says:

    Happy New Year! I wish you a prosperous new year full of happiness and good
    health <3

  2. simplyshama says:

    luckily in the UK organic isn’t much more expensive than your standard. and
    at my university we have a market every week and i buy soo much fruit and
    veg for less then a tenner ($20). plus i work there so i get a discount
    which ends up costing me like £5 ($10) for a weeks supply of fruit and veg

  3. what i love here is they do “ugly food” witch is fruit and veggies that are
    half price cause there odd shapes and sizes.

  4. Lol this video made me laugh

  5. lollie pop says:

    Lolllll so funny # bread scene 

  6. Hayley Pflug says:

    Sounds like I’ll need a big freezer lol. 

  7. anjali v. says:

    Thank you for this! I really want to start eating healthier once and for
    all but I’m a college student (your student recipes are awesome!) and I’m
    basically at school 24/7. You mentioned the biggest issue i have which is
    that i just end up having a fridge filled with random veggies and fruits,
    could you maybe create a video kind of showing how to seriously make a
    transition to a healthier lifestyle and goes more in depth into this? As
    in, how do you plan your week/meals and how often do you eat/exercise/etc?
    Thank you, I’d seriously appreciate it!! 

  8. Trying the pineapple cereal tomorrow morning, and very excited! Thanks for
    the recipe Kassie! I’m legit binge-watching all of your food posts right

  9. Hey Kassie, I know you kinda explained it in this video, but you should
    make a video about soups, and soup stalks and how to use fruits/veg without
    wasting them. I would love you (even more) forever.

  10. tv love says:

    I love you you are so positive about food you never bash food groups and
    just say give it a go in a normal happy funny presentation, Never fake it
    is a breath of fresh air!

  11. Megan Dent says:

    I’m 13 and I’m pretty unhealthy because I don’t like a lot of food
    (including pasta, beef and salad) a lot of people call me fussy. I’m trying
    so hard to eat new foods and I literally will myself to like them. I find
    it really hard when I go out with my friends because they all want
    McDonalds or some other fast food. Whilst I want to go somewhere healthier.
    Is there any way to deal with this and are there any meals that you can
    suggest to me to help me become healthier?

  12. Miyankochan says:

    Could you please give more examples for breakfast, lunch and dinner? 🙂 I
    like your food choices, you could give some pretty good ideas. Oh, and keep
    it cheap :DD

  13. SOUPer easy!!
    Omg woman! I love the corny puns
    You steal my heart every time <3

  14. Omg I look just like her. My friends sent me her video and we look so much
    alike its scary only I’m naturally more tan but I can be as light as her
    without sun but she’s like my fkn twin I can’t believe it!!!! Wtf!!!!

  15. I agree with wecameaszade, you should post a video of your favorite menus
    and things 🙂 it’ll give us newbies a reference to start off with :)

  16. I just came across your videos today and I just wanted to say that you’re
    amazing! You’re hilarious, inspiring and I’m loving your videos 🙂 

  17. Hi Kassie! I just wanted to say I love all your videos! I am a mom of 4 in
    nursing school and all your tips on healthy eating and the great recipes
    have been so helpful! I have been trying to find ways to incorporate more
    raw food into our diet and I absolutely LOVE your recipes and the book
    Gorilla food you recommended! I especially love your tips about hair bc I
    am the same way, I hate to wash it if it’s not necessary (plus, I never
    have time with 4 kids haha). Thanks so much for taking the time to share.

  18. Law Kodi says:

    Aren’t you technically not vegan since you use bones and vegans don’t eat
    any animal parts or byproduct.

  19. Can you do more affordable healthy recipes!

  20. I love you Kassi. I subscribed!!! Nyahahaha

  21. Sandy Nova says:

    One of my fav healthy snacks are cucumbers with lime and salt!Or green
    apples with lime and/or pepper!

  22. so your not vegetarian or vegan then? have you watched ‘earthlings’

  23. Amy Newby says:

    Thank you so much for this 🙂 I’ve been watching all of your videos (I only
    just found out about your channel today!) I’m going to slowly but surely
    implement some of your tips and tricks from this video (and others) and
    start making my meals more nutritious and healthy. I think you’re doing
    amazing with your health and lifestyle and I’m very grateful for all the
    things you’ve taught me already! Thanks Cassie xoxo