Thai Life Insurance (Mae Toi) – Most touching Ad ever

I had tears in my eyes the first time I watched it, so I decided to make a subtitle version of it to share with the world.

Advertisement by: Thai Life Insurance
Translation & Subtitle by: DZ

The song used in this commercial is
Kazamidori (風見鶏) by DEPAPEPE

Guitar chord tab…

Source: YouTube

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25 Responses

  1. Chasen Tom says:

    These Thai life insurance commercials really know how to tug at your
    fucking heart strings.

  2. 3 minutes I am glad I spent here.

  3. Ashton Usher says:

    This life insurance company has such good advertisments. I dare you to
    watch it without getting teary eyed! ;______________;

    Thai Life Insurance (Mae Toi) – Most touching Ad ever

  4. What the heck is this commercial… wait hold on… I have dust in my eyes.
    Yep it is dust alright. What is this? Now I have runny nose. Something is
    definitely wrong.

  5. I’m all out of feels.

  6. I’m from Thailand, thank you for the people who said our ads are really
    touching and wonderful. But some might think that: how is this related to
    Thai Life Insurance? We, Thai people also don’t quite get it, but for me, I
    think that at least these ads have meanings and messages to people that,
    not everyone in the world have much happiness like some of us right now, we
    have internet to play, but some people in the world doesn’t. It also
    teaches you too that doing good things gives you good things back. Lastly,
    I think the purpose of doing these ads are not for people to buy the Thai
    Life Insurance but to give messages to people. No matter what, we, Thai
    people, are proud to be born in Thailand even though we have fights against
    each other and stuff, but we love each other. I love Thailand 🙂
    เรารักประเทศไทย 🙂 Thank you for reading this far. ^_^

  7. Roxi Ioana says:

    uuuffff Thai commercials are the best in the world, i’m crying all the time

  8. Mohd Hazim says:

    all aboard Feeltrain to Feelville in due, one tear drop per admission
    please thank you. you’ll be given free tissue papers and bucket on the
    train. have a feel trip

  9. Darlene AP says:

    thai commercials are always hearty… :)

  10. CEXPECTER says:

    if you want to know more about real mae toi (or mae tew) follow this link
    (but it’s thai)

  11. beautiful is the inner beauty 

  12. GucciMango says:

    I live in Canads and I want to buy some Thai Insurance now

  13. watched this for 6 times and still crying anyway

  14. This is base on a true story I seen her on TV for a interview long time ago

  15. beautiful is the inner beauty 

  16. Nabil Billy says:

    true happiness is when u make someone feel worthy because of you

  17. drumsgobam says:

    ALRIGHT no more searching sad commercials. My damn pillow feels like it’s
    been soaked in the ocean. My feels are drained. 

  18. the commercials like this i hate to watch because i cry cry and i feel it
    in the deep of my soul and heart huhuhuhuh soo nice the best ever

  19. cathy cruz says:

    this brings a smile on my face.

  20. 1xXitachiXx1 says:

    anybody know where i could get the guitar song from this? :D

  21. when they brought out the “Toi has cancer” my eyes were like… “oh, now
    looks like the perfect time to start sweating!”

  22. By taking care of your own life, you can also take care of others. Now,
    that’s a life well-lived.

  23. Shamira Guel says:

    I’m crying that is so sad

  24. pokethunder says:

    the man that made this commercials deserves a fuking statue in a mountain