The Balancing Act…Feeding a family healthy on a food stamp budget

A chef and a mother take this challenge of getting only $68.88 for a week to feed a family of four and try to meet federal health guidelines.

Source: YouTube

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12 Responses

  1. Oatmeal you can get a months worth if it’s just for one person but it can
    be done(even with the kids and hubby, it could last them for 2 weeks or
    so). Also pancake batter? make it from scratch.
    Don’t buy shredded cheese, grate it yourself from blocks, can make an egg
    casserole. Buy frozen veggies and frozen fruits it’s cheaper than fresh but
    if money is tight you can do it.
    Canned tuna (the light kind) make into tuna patties. Get a 5lb bag of rice
    for $2. make your own bread instead of spending $3.99 a loaf. 

  2. For juice buy it frozen and make it at home. Buy a 10 lb bag of potatoes
    and make fries, mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, etc.

    Make bulk soups and freeze it. I used the rest of my wic veggies (carrots,
    onions and celery scraps the skins) water, and the bones of my SILs chicken
    and made homemade stock with the veggies. I put in some pastina that I
    gotten for a $1 and have enough homemade chicken soup for 2 weeks so I
    froze it.

    Last night I had gotten a 5lb bag of carrots for $3.99 and a 2 lb bag was
    $3.99 it made sense to get the 5lb bag

  3. It can be done but everything is from scratch and meat is a min. If you
    can try to grow what ever you can, plan your menu around what is on sale.
    I understand people saying get a job but for some( no not my family) they
    have been laid off from good jobs and cannot find anything. Try to raise a
    family at a min wage budget yes some people use the system but until I walk
    in everyone shoes I won’t judge there situation.

  4. Anna Witte says:

    I couldn’t do it! I spend 100 a wk just on fresh produce a wk for my

  5. Yes the guy at the end is right its a lot of mental preparation & then
    physical preparation & strategy to make several meals from the same
    ingredients. You have to check different store’s sale flyers every week to
    see where the most values at once are so you don’t purchase diff. things at
    diff. stores & waste gas $. You need to save receipts & compare previous
    prices with current prices so that later on when you spot a good deal
    on your most consumed items you can bulk purchase. You have to put away
    some cash to be able to buy in bulk. You have to know what goes on sale
    & when. You can not go in unprepared, you have to have a flexible list and
    even that has to change if you see your items are pricier than expected.
    You have to meal plan & keep a recipe directory with all your recipes so if
    you have to buy whatever’s on sale you can look up what you can make from
    your recipe directory with those items.You have to cook everything & a lot
    of things from scratch. Gardening should always be a first option so you
    have food for yourself & to trade with others for things you can’t make ie
    your neighbor makes homemade bread or whatever. It isn’t hard its just time
    consuming. We live in CA which is super expensive here & the coupon thing
    is almost not worth it because there are so many restrictions & they don’t
    allow coupons to double etc. BUT with all the work I had done for my menu
    planning it took me hours to do, I was spending around 75-100 per week &
    that is NOT very expensive here at all. Its all a game, you HAVE to know
    how to cook (if not you’re screwed) & how to be savvy. If I HAD to I
    could’ve gotten that weekly amount lower maybe down to 50 but we had it in
    the budget to spend that amount so it was ok. Its hard its really hard
    sometimes if you don’t know what you’re doing.

  6. ohiomommy330 says:

    You can make your own bread!! It’s not that difficult. Stop going to high
    priced stores like Costco, Trader Joe’s..etc. Start shopping at the cheaper

  7. That registered dietitian sucks. She can’t put together a cheap healthy

  8. Julieaism says:

    here’s an idea, rather then settle on food stamps, find a job

  9. If they really qualified for assistance, the children would have qualified
    for free breakfast and lunch at school so she would not have had so much of
    a drain on her limited food funds. But I know it still has to be hard to do
    it on that limited amount. To be fair though, there are many, many people
    who are out there working hard every day who do not get/take any
    assistance, and they are having the same problems…sometimes worse. There
    has to be an answer.

  10. Those ideas do help…but most places these days don’t have $1 bags of
    frozen veggies…atleast they don’t where I am.

  11. wolftreetree says:

    Its interesting that she didn’t quite make it.

  12. My household buys groceries with foodstamps and I can tell you for
    sure…it is impossible to buy healthy foods to last an entire month for 2
    reasons…#1 most of the healthy foods come at a higher cost, #2 They do
    not stay good for the entire month. I have been trying to find a way for
    some time…if anyone has cracked it please let me know….I do not buy
    junk foods..sodas ect unless it’s a one time occasional small
    treat…suggestions welcome 😉