Thai Life Insurance commercial – “Silence of Love”

sad advertisement from thailand with english subs

Source: YouTube

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22 Responses

  1. Crap this is the only frickin commercial i cried on this makes me so sad

  2. Chua Zien says:

    Its a touching ad. I love my dad and mum so much. This ad not only tells
    about insurance but also our parents’ love. 

  3. The Wombat says:

    Thai Life Insurance commercial – “Silence of Love”:

  4. Doglover5 says:

    I watched this a second time… I tried to hold back my tears.

  5. +snapcord the vibration of the thud

  6. MansonX says:

    WHY is it so hard for people to understand that the father felt the
    vibration from the fall.

  7. I cried on this commercial and i dont usually cry this is the saddest
    commercial i have ever seen ever.

  8. Now its my 4th time watching it and i still cried, this commetcial is too
    touching :'(

  9. LPSCitrus says:

    Summary if you didn’t understand the last part:
    The dad gave the girl his blood cause he thought he would die with her but
    the girl survived but the dad didnt.

  10. wegotswag78 says:

    why did i watch this? This is probanly the only commercial i ever cried on
    …… :’c

  11. Mari Morgan says:

    No plot hole at all! The dad would have been able to FEEL the thud through
    the floor when his daughter fell down, even though he could not hear it.
    After he went deaf, Beethoven cut the legs off his piano and sat on the
    floor to play it so he could feel the vibrations the piano produced – he
    was “listening” with his arse!

  12. Ariqah Anwar says:

    So sad and touching

  13. L3G37VD4RY says:

    holy shit….. i actually cried 

  14. Gracie Mae says:

    this is so sad I’m in tears 

  15. daddy.. I love you

  16. This has to be the saddest and truest commercial ever.

  17. Mimi Shaw says:

    Wow….. I wish I had her dad my dad left me thank god I have a caring
    mother this girl had no idea what she had!!!! :,(

  18. I love my dad so much :'(

  19. anyone know music in this video?

  20. John Riley says:

    I have no word but my tears to express my feeling for this ads