How to Buy HO6 Homeowners Condo Insurance
Florida condo insurance policy coverage's is explained for homeowners. Before buying a policy you need to understand the different coverage's and how to choose the proper amounts to minimize the cost and get the maximum benefits. This short video guide explains the important aspects for personal condominium owners insurance. Learn which important parts control the costs and how you can benefit from this insurance.

Source: YouTube

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4 Responses

  1. Amazing, extremely helpful. I am still stuck on the mold issue. Had small
    area due to roof leak. Under much duress had to push association by going
    to the county to force them to remove, and replace area affected. Was
    dropped by my insurance and now have Citizens which is $200.00 more than
    others. I am being told they will not take me due to previous mold
    issure. Your video states can be covered for small premium. If you can
    direct me, I have alread been denied by Universal. Thank you in advance.

  2. Thanks! Best explanation on the web!

  3. BATT4EVER says:


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